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Theta Corporation

Non-Verbal Communication

Communication systems for dental and other medical offices which use colored lights to relay messages between the doctor and staff.

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The Theta Five-Lite System, Ten-Lite System, and Multi-Channel Five-Lite System communicate messages using colored lights in the same way office personal might communicate using voice. A message is sent by lighting one or more lights by pressing the pushbutton associated with those lights. These lights light in all areas that the intended receiver might be in. When the receiver sees the message lights, the receiver answers "yes" by turning the light or lights out by pressing the reset button, or "no" by buzzing the buzzer or lighting an additional light. The "no" response is then acknowledged by the sender by turning out the lights. Approximate Prices

     Five-Lite System    Ten-Lite System

Status Indication - The Theta Room Status System and One-Lite Status System provide continuous display of the status of locations within an office. Panels with toggle switches are placed at the locations where the situations exist.  Display panels are placed in locations in the office that personnel need to be able to observe the status indications.

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